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Waymart Lodge #542 F&AM

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raul fernandez Email

Are you a Mason? yes i am

If so please provide Lodge Name, Number and location secaucus hudson #72 n.j. 07087

How did you find this site? web search through the area

I have been coming to the area  for over 15 years  and im engaged  to someone from cold springs  I will be retiring in a few years  and  I    whould like to    travel to your lodge on a meeting night   when im up there   to meet  fellow brethren  from  the area

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Joey J Email

Are you a Mason? Yes

If so please provide Lodge Name, Number and location Waymart # 542

How did you find this site? I just found it on our website

Thank you Bill,
That would be great, let's get using this site more.
Joey J

Bill Vargas Email

Are you a Mason? I am

If so please provide Lodge Name, Number and location Waymart No. 542, Waymart, Pa.

How did you find this site? I knew of it

Joey ( Webmaster) ,

I will print up a notice for our lodge bulletin board that is in our upstairs lobby that basically states: 
     " To All Lodge Brother's"

Waymart Lodge No. 542's website guestbook is a perfect place to post information by our Brethern to inform of events, trips, ideas and dates and notes of interest to all.  If you want many to know of what you propose, or of what is going to take place, please just post it on our Guestbook.  The Guestbook web address is: http://www.websitetoolbox.com/guestbook/waymartlodge?action=sign.  Simply put, type in Waymart Lodge #542, then scroll down to the word "Guestbook" in the left hand column and click it on.  Fill out the info and then post your message.  The more of us that use this the more of us will be informed.

Thanks Joey for this site.  Keep up the great work.

Bill V.

Knet Email

Knet Was here..
Greetings from Argentina.. bye

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